Rink Ratz: The Hockey Card Game

Rink Ratz is an authentic hockey experience in a unique card game format. It is easy to learn, challenging to play and entertaining for all ages. The unique game mechanics create an innovative and strategic game with 3 levels of play: Rookie, Junior and Pro. Rink Ratz is a fast-paced game with breakaways, power plays, miraculous saves and much more. Rink Ratz is very portable and can be played anywhere. Once you learn to play Rink Ratz you will be able to play a game in under 20 minutes or a seven game “Family Championship” series in under 2 hours.

Team Rink Ratz

Team Rink Ratz after a hard fought win against Team GT. We are proud of you Team RR.

Rink Rats Ad

Join us in Cole Harbour March 15th and have a chance of winning Hockey Jerseys including Crosby, MacKinnon, Price, Drouin & a signed Fucale Jersey! Read more at the Upcoming Events page

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What a great time we had at Bel Ayr School this week running a 32 team bracket tournament. Thanks to all the amazing Rink Ratz players there for their great play and fine sportsmanship. Congratulations to Edward who is now the reigning Rink Ratz Champ. Hope to see all of you at Cole Harbour Place on February the 15th for our Rink Ratz Family Fun Day. It’s FREE with tons of cool prizes.


THE HOTTEST NEW SPORTS CARD GAME. RINK RATZ: THE HOCKEY CARD GAME! We are set up in Moncton, New Brunswick at Turners Christmas Craft Expo. Come on down.


Rink Ratz: The Hockey Card Game is at Rhoda’s Christmas Craft Show in Saint John NB. A big thanks to all Saint Johners who have embraced Rink Ratz this weekend.


Rink Ratz has launched at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon!

photo (16)

“Laugh it up Fuzz Ball” Hey, don’t say that to Chewy while playing Rink Ratz or he will drop the cards and “go”.

photo (15)

SITH RATZ!!! Regardless of what jersey you wear…. Light Team or Dark Team… Rink Ratz is an AWESOME hockey card game.

photo (14)

IT’S OBVIOUS! Rink Ratz is the Hottest New Game on the block. Check it out!!!!

photo (13)

Evan (with guitar) is the latest “random act of Rink Ratz”. Evan and his University of New Brunswick friends were at the Farmers Market in downtown Fredericton raising money through Shine-a-Rama for Cystic Fibrosis research. We expect everyone at UNB to be playing Rink Ratz!

photo (9)

Rink Ratz is now available in all Gamezilla locations in New Brunswick. Pictured here is Sandy who manages the St. John store. He won his first game 5 to 0. Paul will be looking for a rematch in the near future.

photo (8)

Rink Ratz: The Hockey Card Game has found an amazing, new home in Li’l Shop of Science, Brunswick Square, downtown St. John. Drop in and chat with Carla about all of the neat stuff she has there. A fantastic, friendly staff and a well laid out store.

photo (7)

This fine looking group of ball hockey players in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia were the latest target of a random act of Rink Ratz. Enjoy the game! Who will be next?

photo (6)

Paul Logan, Rink Ratz co-creator, defending against Anthony’s power play. Anthony is a Game Guru at Monopolattes in downtown Ottawa. This is a great place to hang with your friends, have a beverage and play one of your favorite games. You could ask Anthony if he can teach you how to play Rink Ratz.

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Rink Ratz is now available at Playvalue Toys in Ottawa. Thanks to Doug and his wonderful staff for giving Rink Ratz another home in an amazing store.

Rink Ratz in Time Square (1)

Rink Ratz taking a selfie in Times Square, New York.

photo (4)

The second edition of Rink Ratz is now available! French translation of the rules are available here on the website.

photo (3)

Rink Ratz was recently played on Laguna Beach in sunny California.

photo (2)

Rink Ratz is for sale and available to play at Snake and Lattes in downtown Toronto. In this picture co-creator Sue Logan plays a game with Game Guru, Colin Young. Drop in, order up some excellent coffee and play Rink Ratz!

photo (12)

Rink Ratz: The Hockey Card Game is now available at 401 Games, 518 Yonge St. in Toronto. 401 Games is the largest game store in Canada.

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We are super pumped to tell you that Rink Ratz is now available at Treasure Island Toys, 581 Danforth St. In Toronto. We are not exaggerating when we tell you that this is one of the most amazing and friendly kids stores you will ever find. Check it out.