Pro Level Rules

At the Pro Level, the remaining 3 Specialty Cards are added: 2 POWER PLAY OR SHUTDOWN DEFENCE cards 1 TWO-ON-ONE OR SHUTDOWN DEFENCE card After shuffling the deck, the dealer removes the top 5 cards before dealing the first shift of each period. The 5 cards are set aside, placed face down for the remainder of the period and designated as Bench Cards.

Power Play or Shutdown Defence Card

(1) “Power Play (PP)”: Played to begin a power play (PP) with an immediate shot. The STICK Number Cards #11 to #15 generate a shot for the team on the PP. Shots also occur by matching Number Cards as during even strength play.

Ex: Team A plays a “PP” and generates a shot. Team B plays a #5. If Team A cannot score a goal (#5) or create a rebound shot (#4 or #6), then Team A could play any STICK card from #11 to #15.
Result: Team A generates another shot.

Note: When a team generates a shot with a STICK card on a PP it must be ‘played out’; the opposing team cannot generate a shot by matching the STICK card number.

When a “PP” is played, the PP lasts for 8 cards (i.e. 4 per team including the initial card). The PP ends if a PP goal is scored or if 8 cards have been played. Also, the PP is nullified if the opposing team plays a “PP” during the PP. Both teams resume even strength play.

Note: A PP may continue into the next shift, but not the next period.

When playing a “PP”, track the number of cards played by ‘fanning out’ the cards separately on the table. When the PP ends, place the PP cards on top of the played cards. The last played card remains in play.

Note: PP shots must be ‘played out’; opposing shots cannot be played right after a PP shot.

A two-man advantage occurs when a team on a PP plays another “PP”. With a two-man advantage, the chance of scoring increases. After a shot, a goal is scored when a Number Card matches or has a value of plus or minus one (+/- 1) compared to the previous Number Card. The 2nd ends at the same time as the 1st PP.

(2) “Shutdown Defence”: Played after the opposing team has generated any shot, including a breakaway. A great play prevents the scoring chance and teams continue play to generate another shot.

Two-on-One or Shutdown Defence Card

(1) “Two-on-One”: (see above: Two-on-One)

(2) “Shutdown Defence”: (see above: Shutdown Defence)


If behind by 1 or more goals in the third period, a team may pull their goalie during the last shift (after each team has played 2 cards). When a team’s goalie is pulled and a shot occurs, a goal is scored when a Number Card matches or has a value of plus one (+1) compared to the previous Number Card. The goalie must remain pulled until the end of the shift or a goal is scored by either team. When a team pulls their goalie, the opposing team has a chance to score an Empty Net goal. If the opposing team generates a shot, an Empty Net goal is scored when a Number Card matches or has a value of plus or minus two (+/- 2) compared to the previous Number Card.

Note: When a team’s goalie is pulled during their power play, a STICK card generates a shot and a goal is scored with a match or a value of plus one (+1).